Botanical Bricks Contest

Photo by Dr. Stephanie Voshell.

Photo by Dr. Stephanie Voshell.

Botany & BRicks with prizes!

As part of our Flora of Virginia Exhibit, we are offering this free youth contest to encourage interaction with plants. 

Download the contest flyer!


Youth from preK through 12th grade (or age equivalent) are eligible to enter. Prizes must be claimed in person on the Virginia Tech campus. All entries must be the youth's own work.


Entries must be received no later than March 1, 2018!


Participants can choose from two categories: a brick creation with a plant theme or artwork featuring a combination of plants and bricks or minifigs. Each category will be split into two age classes (preK-5th and 6th-12th grade) for judging. The first, second, and third place entries in each of these combinations will receive prizes! One youth can enter both categories for their age class--so feel free to make a submit a brick creation and a brick drawing or photograph!

  • Brick creation: preK-5th
    • Build a plant or something botanical with LEGO® bricks. Take a picture and enter the contest!
  • Brick creation: 6th-12th
    • Build a plant or something botanical with LEGO® bricks. Take a picture and enter the contest!
  • Brick drawing: preK-5th
    • Draw or color a scene that combines LEGO® bricks or minifigs with plants. Take a picture and enter the contest!
  • Brick photograph: 6th-12th
    • Create a scene that combines LEGO® bricks or minifigs with plants. Photograph it and enter the contest!



Winners of the four age/entry classes winners will receive:

All first place winners: 900 piece LEGO® Classic Creative Box

Second place winners (6th-12th): 205 piece LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Robo Explorer

Second place winners (preK-5th): 213 piece LEGO® Classic Creative Suitcase

All third place winners: 100 piece LEGO® Flower Display


All entries will be judged by a panel of three judges. Entries will be scored for originality, botanical content, and artistic merit (or visual appeal).


Not sure what to do? Here are some LEGO® coloring sheets that could be decorated with botanical elements. And a collection botanical brick builds and botanical minifig photography to give you some ideas. Use your imagination and whatever plants you have on hand (or at our Christiansburg Library station)! Most of these were made by adults, so don't worry if your idea isn't as complicated!

Coloring sheets

Sample creations

Need bricks?

We will have a contest station at the Christiansburg Library the entire month of February with lots of bricks and coloring sheets for your use.

Entry form

Complete this form to enter. Confused? Check out the graphical directions or email Curator Jordan.

Youth's name *
Youth's name
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Parent/guardian's name
Age class *
Brick creation or brick art? *
Are you building something botanical with bricks or are you making a drawing or photograph of bricks and plants?
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LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this contest.